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Adobe AIR application development is a technology invented by Adobe that allows to bring web applications to desktop and today it has clearly became the standard on creating desktop applications for web developers. Adobe AIR application development implies working with a cross-platform runtime environment (AIR) that allows existing Flash, ActionScript, HTML, or JavaScript code to be utilized to create desktop applications, so that both desktop and Web versions of the application can be built separately from the same source code. Although Adode AIR requires its runtime to be installed for applications to run, many computers should have it already, considering that the runtime is included into the distribution of Adobe Flash.

Adobe AIR application development relies on local resources instead of addressing a remote server for every operation typically enables desktop applications to run considerably faster than their Web counterparts. With Adobe AIR application development you get the benefit of the reduced bandwidth consumption that even a Web-active desktop application provides by running locally, not on a remote server. In case a browser crashes due to an error caused by one of the sites in other tabs, the applications performance will not be affected if supported by Adobe AIR application development. Running in a browser sandbox means greatly restricted access to a local file system and limited cross-domain support. Reasonable as these restrictions may be in terms of security, they can still be a hindrance to even the most well-intentioned Flex developer. By means of contrast, a Adobe AIR application development is entirely devoid of such limitations. Another advantage of Adobe application development is that you are able to employ a single technology to build both Web and desktop applications means less development time, saved effort, and no necessity to master other technologies and languages. With Adobe AIR application development, a programmer can use Flex Builder to design AIR applications from an existing Flex code base, stripping it of Web-specific functionality and adding desktop elements. At the same time, they can include the whole common code in another project and implement it for creating both Web and desktop applications.

Mindfire Solutions is regarded as one of the top offshore Adobe AIR development company. It has also gained adequate expertise in Adobe AIR development. Our software development team has years of experience in developing the above mentioned applications and projects in various industry domains.

The benefit of Hiring Dedicated Adobe AIR Developers/Programmers from Mindfire Solutions are easy communication, experienced programmers to work with, versatile knowledge in newly developed programming, good quality development skills that you want, affordable cost that suits your budget, daily Project Reports. Mindfire Solutions is a offshore software development company located in India and one in Adobe AIR application development. The services offered by us are:

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Advanced Desktop Development with Adobe AIR
Adobe Flex Development
Adobe AIR Development

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Adode Air Application Development

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This article was published on 2010/12/04