Advantages of Asp.Net Development

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Asp.Net development fulfills the requirements of clients who want dynamic web applications with security and extensive functionalities. It was developed and launched by the giant IT organization Microsoft in 2002. Asp.Net development provides programmers the freedom to write the code using any supported .Net language that they are comfortable with as it was built on common runtime language (CLR). Asp.Net is based on the .Net framework and is derived from the popular Active Server Pages technology from Microsoft. The popularity of this technology has attracted many enterprises and large organizations that are using it for their projects as it can offer much more functionalities than any other web development technology. All they need to do is hire an Asp.Net development company and convey their requirements to it. These service providers take care of the rest.


Asp.Net offers various benefits to both the client and an Asp.Net development company. Some of the major advantages of Asp.Net development technology are mentioned below.

  • Asp.Net was developed and launched by Microsoft which assures that the quality of the products developed on this platform is world class. Developers can also take the help and support offered by Microsoft whenever they find themselves stuck somewhere.

  • It is the best solution for creating robust, dynamic and complex web applications that can offer desired functionality to the client.

  • The IT world is updated and enhanced on a regular basis. The Asp.Net technology is also frequently updated by Microsoft to meet the cutting-edge technological requirements. These updates can be easily downloaded by developers whenever required.

  • The most impressive feature of Asp.Net is that it can be easily cross-linked with various other technological frameworks such as C, C++, C#, JAVA and many more.

  • It offers highly cross browser compatible web solutions that can perform equally well on all the major browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera etc.

  • Programmers have the freedom to write their code in any .Net framework as it offers Common Language Runtime feature.

  • The components of Asp.Net can easily process SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) messages.

  • The Asp.Net community is a highly dedicated and loyal one. Developers can always seek for solutions there for any problems that they might face in Asp.Net development.

  • Various themes, templates, plugins and add-ons make the development process easier and fun.


These were some of the major advantages that can be availed from Asp.Net development.

The rising popularity of Asp.Net has given rise to a number of Asp.Net development companies who are offering highly functional solutions for

  • Corporate websites

  • Social networking platforms

  • Web based applications

  • Enterprise applications

  • Custom built Content Management Systems

  • Customer Relationship Management Applications

  • Database management systems

Today, organizations can hire an Asp.Net development company and get the solutions for their various IT requirements that require highly complex functionalities and are not easy to achieve with other commonly used web development technologies. The cost of these projects is a little higher than that of regular web solutions but then these solutions are also highly superior to those offered by regular web development technologies.

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Advantages of Asp.Net Development

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This article was published on 2012/01/09