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The causes of some specific lymphomas in women are known.

However, the causes of most lymphomas are still not certainly known. Scientists speculate that gene mutations in a class of genes known as oncogenes are partially responsible for causing cells to begin dividing in an abnormal manner.

Certain risk factors can contribute to the development of lymphoma:

Environmental Factors

Being exposed to certain carcinogenic chemicals such as various pest control substances, solvents and nitrate-contaminated water.

Benzene is the most well-known chemical linked with lymphoma development. Benzene is found all over the place, including cigarette smoke, gasoline and many solvents. Studies have found a strong correlation between benzene exposure and the development of NHL (Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma).

Certain pesticides and herbicides constitute another class of chemicals linked to lymphoma and other cancers. Even certain hair dyes have been linked with a higher incidence of lymphoma.

Immunosupressant medications

Any medicines that tend to lower the body's ability to defend itself and repair itself are implied in the development of lymphoma and many other illnesses.

These medications are typically used to treat other conditions yet may bring about unforseen problems as a result.

Exposure to sunlight has been shown by at least 1 study to have no correlation to the development of lymphoma. In fact, sunlight exposure appears to lower the risk of NHL - Non Hodgkins Lymphoma - somewhat. However, sun exposure (within certain limits) has been linked with other types of cancer.


Having an autoimmune disease such as AIDS, Lupus, etc. AIDS patients, in particular, are at risk. They are about 50 to a 100 more prone to develop lymphoma than non-AIDS persons. In general, anything that lowers immunity, such as high stress, inadequate sleep and poor diet contribute greatly to disease states in the body.

Genetic Predisposition

Genetics have not been shown to be a definitive risk factor. However, that does not mean that they are NOT. Sufficient research and evidence is still pending. It is known, however, that lymphoma in women (or men, for that matter) rarely occurs within several members of a family. Symptoms of lymphoma in women are similar to those in men and the causes of lymphoma are similar as well.

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Causes Of Lymphoma

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This article was published on 2011/03/28