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Silverlight Development Solutions is a web development framework that enables rich interactive application by combining graphics, animation and multimedia. It consists of a main presentation framework which responsible for the overall look and feel of the application. Silverlight programming services has various other functions like user interface, basic UI controls, graphics and animation, media playback, interactivity and user input, DOM integration, Digital Restrictions Management. You can hire dedicated Silverlight developers from India, who provides Outsourcing of all types of software application development. The offshore software development companies provide software development, maintenance, porting, migration, testing and production realization services. Dedicated Silverlight developers from India can create and generate effects of high-class value in animation which brings in the blur, drop down and other effects like bounce, elastic effects etc. Dedicated Silverlight developers from India can also develop text animation effects where you can play with the text animation with ease which helps in effective and more efficient text animation within an application. Other benefits which you can reap if you hire dedicated Silverlight developers from India are you get highest quality of videos, the best development environment, Cross-Platform and Cross-Browser Remote Debugging. Dedicated Silverlight Developers from India can also create applications which are cross platform and cross browser compatible giving you a wider scope of operation. With Silverlight the applications are highly cost effective and you get the the best quality solutions at the minimum possible price. Dedicated Silverlight Developers from India can give third party language support and can make use of other technologies like Ruby, Python, EcmaScript with Silverlight. Dedicated Silverlight Developers from India gives the content providers complete control over their rich media content.

Mindfire has top notch Microsoft Silverligt Development India team which has executed over 20 projects in the domain. We build applications which best suit our customers budget and business interests. Silverlight Development allows creation of highly dynamic and responsive websites which are very similar to desktop applications in terms of processing speed and load time. Using Silverlight, real time update is possible without refreshing the page completely. Silverlight completely demolishes the gap between the traditional windows based applications and the browser based web applications.

Mindfire Solutions provides a range of services in Silverlight with the support of our deep web application development expertise and multiple years of ASP.NET and other .NET Application development experience. Here are the services that we provide from our engineering centers in India.

Mindfire Solutions is an pioneer in Silverlight Programming Services. We have team of dedicated SilverLight developers who have developed numerous projects on SilverLight application development. We build applications which best suit our customers budget and business interests. The services offered by us in SilverLight Outsourcing services are:

1. Silverlight Application Development
2. ASP.NET Silverlight Development
3. XAML Development.
4. Out of Browser Silverlight Application Development
5. Silverlight and XML
6. WCF RIA Serices for Silverlight
7. Silverlight Modules Development
8. Silverlight Application Programming
9. Web Application Development
10. Custom Application Development
11. Silverlight HealthCare Development
12. Silverlight Sales Dashboard Development
13. Portal Development
14. Plug-ins Development, Customization and Implementation

If you would like to hire dedicated SilverLight developers/programmers then please Contact Us to work out the specific details for your SilverLight development requirements or call us at 1-248-686-1424. We will be glad to share our expertise with you.
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Dedicated Silverlight Developers India

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This article was published on 2011/03/26